Saleae Investors

Saleae is in a strong financial position and profitable, and we've managed to get here, not entirely painlessly, without raising any outside equity financing. However, given our future ambitions, I believe it will serve our customers best if we accelerate our efforts via outside financing.

We know how much we need, are aware of the options, have access to the appropriate networks and advisors, and I think we will be successful in raising what we need via traditional sources, namely venture capital (series A).

However given the work involved, and the lack of immediate need for funding, I thought I should at least explore more creative, less traditional options, in case it might result in a better deal for Saleae.

To that end, please contact me if you would potentially be interested in participating in a financing round with 5-20 others, either debt, equity, or both, raising ~ $5mm. Your interest could be near term, or in the next few years.

Thanks a lot!

Joe Garrison

Joe Garrison

Co-Founder, Saleae
San Francisco, CA