Pricing Change: Distributors

Joe: todo: only provide to distributors who ask; ask if they are interested, if they are, then we can send this.

Customer Education

You may send your customers to GHOST_URL/pricing-update/ for an explanation of the pricing changes and their rationale.

Existing Customer Discounts

You may provide the "existing customer discount" to your previous customers. This discount allows existing customers to purchase at the original, lower prices.

This discount will expire in 2 weeks. The last day for this discount is December 19th.

During the next two weeks you will will probably be selling from previously ordered, older inventory, purchased at the old, lower prices, and will not need any reimbursement credits.

If this is not the case, you will need to record the barcode numbers of each device sold at a discount, so we can validate the price each item was originally sold for. This barcode is the smaller of the two barcodes on each Logic device.

Displayed Pricing

Only the MAP (standard) price should be displayed.

If you offer discounts, and wish to display the discounted price, it must only be displayed after the user has requested it by taking some action, such as clicking a button or link.

Providing Saleae Discounts

You do not need to offer Saleae discounts. These will frequently be low-margin sales and may not be worth the effort.

In addition, this discount program is experimental. It may not work as intended, or may have unintended consequences. As a result, we may need to alter it significantly, or discontinue it altogether. In such an event, you would need to change as well. (remove? confusing?)

Product will not be sold to distributors at discounted rates in anticipation of any customer discounts. Instead, credits will be issued after evidence of the discounted sale(s) is provided.

If you do choose to offer Saleae discounts, and wish to receive reimbursement credits, you must comply with the rules specified here:

  • Record the serial number of each device shipped at a discount. This is the smaller, unique barcode on each unit. It can be scanned with a standard scanner.
  • Keep records of the invoices for each sale made at a discount.
  • Collect evidence via email correspondance to make sure the discount request is authentic.
    • Discount eligibility requirements are listed here.
    • We suggest using the same questions we ask our customers for discount eligibility here.

Apply for Discount Credits

  • Provide to us with the invoices and serial numbers of all discounted sales.
  • Please provide the evidence you collected for compliance for each discount. The requirements for each discount are listed here. Evidence should be collected via email correspondence.
  • We suggest using the same questions we ask our customers for discount eligibility here.

Discount Credits

We will provide you with a credit for the difference between the discounted price, and the price you originally purchased the item for. The credit can be used to lower the cost of future purchases by the amount of the credit.

Please note that if you do not provide the materials required

Single Use Discount Codes

If you issue discount codes to your customers, they must be single-use discount codes. Otherwise, these discount codes could be shared online and used by many individuals.