Pricing Update for December 2017

It was a difficult decision but we ultimately decided that it makes business sense to increase our prices.

The idea is to better segment between business customers (who are generally less price sensitive) and students & electronics enthusiasts, who want great tools at prices they can afford.

Here are the new prices:

Standard Pricing Student Pricing Enthusiast Pricing Startup/Contractor Pricing
Logic 8 $399 $199 $199 $299
Logic Pro 8 $699 * * $499
Logic Pro 16 $999 * * $699

(*) contact us for details

For a limited time, previous customers can get the older pricing. Apply for a discount code here.

All non-standard prices require a discount code, which can be requested here.

60%+ performance improvement on Logic Pro 8 and Pro 16

You can now stream 6 digital channels @ 500 Msps, and 12 digital channels @ 250 Msps. Sample depth is limited to the size of your computer's RAM, as before.

Price Change Rationale

As it would turn out, there’s a reason test and measurement equipment is so expensive...

  • The market is relatively small, and the amount of hard core engineering that must be done is relatively large.
  • The best engineers are very expensive.
  • For every mid-level engineer we hire, we need to have at least $300,000 in revenue at an absolute minimum, and that’s just scraping by.
  • Our products were excessively inexpensive relative to our competitors and peers:
    • A single software update to add I2S protocol decoding to a Keysight oscilloscope costs more than Logic Pro 16, even at its new higher price.
    • Signal Hound sells their cheapest spectrum analyzer at $919, and that’s a fantastic deal compared to what what Tek would charge you.
    • Total Phase sells their USB 2.0 analyzer for $1200. USB 3.0 starts at $3000.
  • You might think that with sky-high prices, companies like Keysight would be super profitable. But actually no, their profit is in the 5-10% area.

What are you going to do with the extra money?

Hire more engineers, so we can build some awesome new equipment and software, much faster.

What happened to Logic 4?

Logic 4 was actually the least popular model by a significant margin, and it didn’t make any sense to continue to offer it. Too bad, we thought it was pretty cool.

What are the eligibility requirements for your discounts?

Please see here.

I have some opinions about all of this!

Please let me (Joe) know. This was a tough decision and I look forward to your thoughts. While we think it's likely to be the right decision, only time will tell.