Website Overhaul + Light App Refresh

We're looking for a top-tier agency or freelancer(s) to help overhaul our website, – and – tweak our application software to look great on the site.


Launch a website that gets employees, customers, and job candidates excited.


100% complete by 9/30/2022


$50K +


  • The Logic 2 Application looks great on the website, in two color versions.  (i.e. application screenshots look great)
  • A complete new Saleae website is released a single page at a time (i.e. release frequently — NOT all at once at the end).
  • It is obvious that the new website has top-tier creative talent behind it: design, illustration, copy, and brand/product photography.
  • Pages:  Home, Hardware, Software, Applications, About/Careers, Automation, Power Optimization; Support pages, Store pages, and Blog pages.
  • Super-well-organized library-based Figma

Agency Requirements

  • Get started right away with real design work – we don't want to do any of the typical new client onboarding stuff.  
  • We need the “A” team — prior to starting, we'd like to see the Portfolio/LinkedIn of everyone on our team.

How we imagine this working

  • Daily working meetings with your team <> our team, largely in-person. (we can come to you if needed)
  • FAST, intensive co-development; full-time design effort
  • First web page complete in <2 weeks; subsequent pages 1+/week
  • Given the subject matter, we'll probably need to own the initial copywriting


Our current website is terrible; we have way higher standards than that, which is why we're reaching out to you.  

Key results

  • All key pages launched by 9/30/2022: Home, About, Software, Hardware, Automation, Power Analysis, Support, Cart/Store.
  • Achieve 5% “willing to chat” response rate for cold-contacted SWEs (currently < 1%)
  • Achieve 4.5/5: I would be super proud to show the Saleae website to a friend . (poll of Saleae team)

Website Priorities

  1. Agency review of Saleae materials (i.e. brand guidelines, etc.) + Select off-the-shelf UI design kit (e.g. Cabana for Figma); + select preliminary color pallet and font.
  2. Launch the first complete page.  (e.g. the page that has the smallest number of asset requirements.)
  3. Complete preliminary wireframes for all key pages + an “assets development plan” for all required illustrations, diagrams, photography, etc.
  4. Launch page 2, 3, 4... as soon as each becomes complete.

App Priorities

For all of these, you would work with our software team, AND, ideally, a strong front-end developer from your agency.

  1. Release the “light theme” to customers, brute-force.
  2. Release the app with a minimum set of UI/layout/color tweaks to dramatically improve how it presents on the website.
  3. Release the app with all the refactors required to consolidate the number of UI elements into a minimum set.  Demonstrate that the Figma component library is a pixel-perfect match of the app.
  4. Release the app with an extensive set of UI/layout/color tweaks to dramatically improve how it presents on the website.  Demonstrate that Figma is 1:1 with implementation.
  5. Release the app with all important “less-than-1-hour UI/UX issues” resolved.

Tech Stack

Logic 2 Application: Electron application with React front-end; very similar to web application development.   GitHub, code review, and CI.

Website: customized metalsmith-based static website builder, deployed to Netlify via CI; Shopify-based web store; Zendesk-based contact-us; Gitbook-based support site; Drift-based chat; blog.

Saleae Team

  • CEO
  • Software team (4 people)

Agency Team

  • Creative director(s)
  • Designer(s)
  • Front-end react developer(s)
  • Front end HTML/CSS developer(s)
  • Photography (brand, product, and recruiting)
  • Optionally: Videography (brand, product, and recruiting)

Brand Guidelines, mood board, sitemap, customer profile, company values, website architecture, website outcomes / user journeys.

Will provide.