Video Project Brief (July 2022)


Potential Software Engineering candidates - via recruiter email, job post, LinkedIn, etc.


“Why this role is super compelling”

(1) Candidates know their potential co-workers are very smart, hardworking, and genuine people.

(2) Candidates feel like they know us, they can imagine being at our office; they can imagine interacting with us day to day.

(3) Candidates think the tech-stack and product are compelling.

(4) Candidates think the software team (and company) is having a important impact on the world, and will be successful.

Suggested Footage

  • 2x half-days on-site in South San Francisco
  • 30-60 minute interviews with each of 5-6 people
  • ~2 hours in-office filming of the team at work
  • ~2 filming content — hardware, code-on-screen, etc.

Suggested on-site crew

  • x1 videographer
  • x1 creative director / similar

Suggested equipment

  • no need to go crazy
  • x2 DSLR (4K), x2 lens (e.g. 50mm, 35mm), steadycam (Interviews should be 2 camera)
  • No lighting required (probably); There is good natural light in the office.
  • Decent audio setup for interviews, including ability to cancel background noise.

Primary Deliverable

2 minute video as described above.  “Why this role is super compelling”

Secondary Deliverables (potential optional — we’d want these to be very cost effective)

Note: these would use the footage above — i.e. editing only.

  • 2 minute video “how we build software”
  • 2 minute video “why we do what we do”
  • 2 minute video “what we’re looking for in a software developer”
  • 2 minute video “how the product works”
  • 2 minute video “why this is a hard & interesting problem”
  • 2 minute video "why you'll make a huge difference in the role”
  • ~x5 ~2 minute videos featuring each employee individually.

If possible / ideal

  • All original footage, ideally cut-up and organized in Final Cut or Primer.

Things of potential future interest

  • One-time set design / buildout for brand/product/content photography, videography, and livestream.
  • Videos for: Brand, Product, Vision, Recruiting, Testimonial.

Clarifications ***

  • The 2nd camera is for seated interviews, to provide an alternate angle. Assuming the A camera is on a tripod, the B camera could be actively panned in some way.
  • Script:  No script. I'm imagining that for this video, the story is developed as part of the editing process, with the footage available, and is not planned in advance.  
  • Interview content:  We'd like to get your suggestions for interview questions, but my assumption is that we would provide the questions, and probably ask them as well.  (or have the question appear on a screen, etc.).
  • Interview length:  I don't know what the right length is, but I'm imaging plenty of "let me try that again" etc., and a fairly large set of wide-ranging questions.
  • Half days vs full days:  We could probably go either way here.  My thought was related to fatigue, and to the use of the natural light.