Update: AdWords, WPF, Logic & Serial Logic, & Christmas Robot

Unfortunately my best efforts at tweaking Google ad words into submission failed. Just couldn’t get the click-through rates I needed. It didn’t look like it was going to be viable anyway, just based on keyword popularity. So for now the imote’s on hold. What’s next for it? Amazon.com, although I may put it off for a little while. Also, I’ll FedEx the thing to a number of places who might blog about it. Speaking of Amazon, I now officially have UPC numbers, to the tune of 750$.

Next up, WPF has proven to be a bit more trouble than I was anticipating, but that’s not because it isn’t great — it is. Here’s a sneak preview of what I’m working on.

Anyway WPF is on hold while I crank out the core of the application, and most recently get the hardware moving forward. I got the 2nd generation PCB in 2 days ago or so and built it last night. It had one problem that waisted some time but is pretty tight. And tonight I got code to execute on the device and debugging to work, the latter of which was the entire reason for this board spin. Now I’ve got one serial connection dedicated to the debugger, and another one I can use as a trace. Plus plenty of test points for logic analyzer hookup, or whatever. It should be a joy to develop for. Oh, except that I think I may have to add a small eeprom part — didn’t realize that until tonight.

Also the aluminum enclosure prototype for Logic is being made as of Monday.

Oh yah, and I got a label printer. It’s cool! (For all those outgoing UPS shipments)

And last, this was few months ago now, but check out this ‘christmas robot’ I gave as a gift. There’s nothing that says you care more than building someone a robot. The best part is — no more agonizing about what to get someone. A robot is ideal for all occasions.