Software feature development - expectations

As an engineer, I tend to be wildly optimistic about what can be accomplished in short order. Perhaps you can relate. In the past, we provided forward looking expectations about when software would be done, when things would ship, etc, etc. At the time we thought they were reasonable estimates. Well, that was a bad idea. It caused untold upset to customers. So we have to change this. Here's the new policy:

  • We can't provide any guidance on when (or if) any particular feature or product will be worked on or shipped.
  • We can only say that we will do the best we can, make the best decisions we can at each point, and work towards making the best product we know how to make.
  • When purchasing a product, please be sure to make your decision based on features that are already supported, not based on possible future features.
  • Please continue to provide feedback and suggestions. We always read them and take them seriously. I know it's not always super obvious but it really is true.

Thank you immensely for your support, encouragement, and patience with us over the years.

Joe & Mark