Shiny new Saleae cart

Now, maybe you’re not all that interested in an announcement about a shopping cart. I get that. But it’s still really cool, if only to me. First off this cart uses css pretty well, and I really like how that made it clean and pretty out-of-the-box browser compliant (as opposed to trying and mess with non-css table settings) It uses cool new tooltips to reduce clutter while at the same time answering questions people have. I’ve gotten several emails about how much shipping costs, so now there’s a nice little tooltip that pops up a chart of the different shipping options. It’s also a step up in terms of how legitimate it looks. The last one was a bit too free form, this one is pretty tight. It’s modeled off the apple shopping cart more or less. Most importantly — and really the major reason I wanted to upgrade the cart — is because I wanted to be able to add new features to it, things like “let me know when this item is in stock” — things that there really was no clean/aesthetic way to do with the old cart.

I’m also considering allowing people to check out with PayPal. However I don’t yet have a since about how many people are put off by the Google checkout as apposed to some other possible options: pay on site, PayPal, amazon, etc.