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Senior Electrical Engineer - Service & Service UX

Work directly with founders Joe & Mark to develop and deliver five-star customer service to the heroes who depend on our Logic product.

Insanely Great Service means very low latency response, crystal clear and accurate technical answers, pain-minimized problem resolutions, and genuine warmth and positivity.  It also means relentless continuous improvement of the service platform though lean-startup-style experimentation, instrumentation & analytics, and high-cadence A/B testing of improvements.

The role you are applying for has two components, each expected to take about 50% of your time: (1) deliver Insanely Great Service directly to customers via phone, web-chat, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and (2) run a sprint driven process of continuous improvement involving instrumentation & analytics, maintaining a prioritized backlog of testable improvement ideas, and building out and A/B testing the most promising ideas.


  • Hands-on delivery of Insanely Great Service (~3-4 hours/day) - Quickly respond to incoming customer communications via phone, website chat, email, Twitter, Facebook, and the community forum.
  • Provide extremely clear, technically accurate, and appropriate answers to customer questions.
  • Provide straightforward and pain free solutions to all customer problems with Saleae products.
  • Ensure customers receive warm, empathetic, and positive communications consistently.
  • Drive continuous improvement in the support platform (remaining time) - Instrument and monitor key support metrics
  • Use analytics to continuously improve our understanding of the customer support funnel
  • Maintain a prioritized backlog of testable improvement ideas
  • Each sprint, run a complete continuous improvement loop:
    • Implement new/improved functionality or content
    • Deploy changes as A/B tests
    • Analyze results and generate new ideas, insights, questions, and/or tests.
  • Develop and maintain any necessary standards, service-level commitments, controls, and/or procedures related to customer service/solutions.
  • Advocate for the customer within the organization; fight for improvements in product and marketing based on your evolving insight into the customer.


  • Very high interpersonal skills; highly empathetic, warm, and positive.
  • Extreme clarity of communication, written and verbal.
  • Broad electrical engineering and embedded system knowledge & experience, including: - Firmware & embedded system development.
  • Analog electronics fundamentals
  • Board-level design & debug
  • Passion for engineering as evidenced by past and/or current side projects.
  • Passion for service excellence.
  • Compelling technical writer.
  • Ideal: Intuition and experience around user experience (UX) design, in particular software/web – UX wireframes; sketches.
  • Ideal: Practical front-end web development (html/css/js) ability and recent experience.

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Joe Garrison

Joe Garrison

Co-Founder, Saleae
San Francisco, CA