Saleae Goes to Tahoe

This weekend the Saleae team took a break from San Francisco and escaped to the greater Lake Tahoe area for some skiing.  The ski-cation was a great chance for all of us to unwind and relax.  We learned that we’re not that great of skiers and that falling in snow still hurts.

We reached our cabin late Friday night, relaxed and enjoyed the hot tub (which Mark’s only request for the cabin).  Saturday morning we hit the slopes and skied until the lifts closed at 4:00.  No night skiing, but I don’t think my body could have handled it anyway.

Saturday night we played the now infamous Settlers of Catan.  A word to the wise: this game can cause passionate and intense debates.  Be warned.

On Sunday, Joe, Jonathan and James went to Sugar Bowl while Mark, Allison and I explored downtown Truckee.  It was a great change of pace for the whole team.  Tahoe, we will be back.

Jonathan After Two Days of Intense Skiing

Jonathan after two days of intense skiing.

Second Floor of Our Cabin

The second floor of our cabin was primarily used as Allison’s bedroom and and for our renditions of pop songs on the piano (pictured left).

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday morning omelettes.

Mark Relaxing

Mark relaxing.  You may also notice the case of one of our GoPros, which we made great use of from the slopes.