Saleae at UC Davis

Hello world, this is Nate.  Last week, Mark and I attended the UC Davis career fair in search of Employee 6, a rockstar software developer.  UC Davis is big.  And flat.  And this is probably why everyone seems to bikes everywhere – in fact, when we first arrived, I thought we were passing a biking club.  Nope.  Turns out that’s just UC Davis.  It’s known as California’s Amsterdam.  Known to me, that is, because that’s a phrase I just made up.

The UC Davis career fair was a lot of fun.  We hooked up the boat lights around our booth and talked with some awesome students about the company, their interests/passions, and the meaning of life.  We got our hands on about 60 resumes and we’ll be reviewing them over the next few days.  They have some impressive students.

After the career fair, we met with Dr. Kent Wilken and some of his students.  Dr. Wilken is a professor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department and he’ll be using Logic this quarter for his embedded systems class lab.  They are presently using Logic in their first lab to capture and analyze IR remote transmission patterns.  The idea is for each student to have a Logic on loan throughout the quarter to use for their labs.  He also told us it’ll be nice to have something the students can take with them everywhere.

We’ll be back up at UC Davis soon, talking with some professors, students, or maybe just riding bikes to feel like college students again.