Quick Update + Logic in Pictures

Things are going well for Logic! Thank you to all the heroes who have sent in suggestions as well as everyone who’s buying Logic! Good times.

In case you’re wondering, we are definitely working on a whole host of different software enhancements. It’s going a little slow but rest assured they are coming. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming enhancements, as well as the upcoming releases of some cool SDKs. Thanks for your patience – I think it’ll be worth the wait.

Inventory is holding up fairly well despite increasing demand. There’s a good chance that we’ll run out of stock temporarily in about a week or so, before the next shipment of Logic aluminum cases gets in. Hopefully that won’t happen, and I’ve got a much better inventory system in place so the likelihood of running out of stock going forward should drop dramatically.

You may have seen all the ads in Circuit Cellar, Nuts & Volts, and Servo magazine. I’m going to change up our magazine advertising strategy and it should be pretty cool, so look for that in Circuit Cellar’s September issue. Also if you’ve seen the ads you’ll notice that they say you can get logic from our buddies at SparkFun Electronics – however unfortunately due to stronger-than-expected demand we’ve been unable to ship them an allotment of Logics. They should have stock at the beginning of September. I’m really excited to have them on board, and looking forward to getting Logic on their site.

All for now – on to the pictures!


Lots of international orders! It’s been pretty cool to get orders from all sorts of interesting places.

Logics, before being laser etched.

Inventory, sweet inventory.

Shipping central! Despite appearances, Logic doesn’t actually come with skittles. I’ll talk about what those are for later. Frankly, I’d like to include skittles, but I’m hesitant to ship internationally with any sort of food. And I can’t have all the US people talking about how much they love their skittles while all the international people feel left out… Anyway, I’ll look into it more.