Quick post-holidays update.

Let’s see. I spent a week in good old phoenix over the break. Today was the first day back at work. Bor-ing. Hadn’t thought about it all break. Nothing much to update about but here you go: The imote software is pretty much complete, just needs to be cleaned up around the edges and more rigorously tested. Tonight I’m installing an XP image in WMware for just this purpose. I’m hoping that Advanced Installer will kindly automatically download and install the .NET prerequisites. If not I have a win32 program I can clean up and use. At least these days there are some attractive alternatives to Install Shield! Also tonight I added some basic inventory

features to the Saleae shopping cart. The gist is that it’ll handle updating the inventory automatically and inform customers if the item is on back order, etc — also it authorizes charges now so customers can order now and I can pull down the funds when the item actually ships. Also, it sends out a nice data-rich email after you order.

Moving on.

Over the break I worked on this beautiful PCB with my brother — didn’t get it quite done yet. Turns out the “883” Microchip PIC isn’t supported by the Hi-Tech compiler I assumed we could use, although not for any good reason — it supports the 887 which is basically the same part. Anyway that made development slow as we had to use a different compiler and we never got in-circuit debugging working well. Other than that the board is pretty good! The IR-range sensors I rigged up from IR LED/ photo transistor pairs are going to work l like a champ. More on this bad boy later. In other news I also fired this cool 2-stage rocket Dominic got me for Christmas. Next time there’s going to be some sort of electronic payload aboard.

Also, Mark learned that yes, it is possible to make s’mores using a hot air soldering iron.