Pricing changes for December 2021

Dear customers,

You are probably all too aware of the severe semiconductor shortage situation we find ourselves in. A great many of you have no doubt been on the front lines of this fight, like we have.

Many smaller companies are at high risk for large layoffs, or bankruptcy, because they just can’t keep their products in stock, and can’t survive for very many months without revenue.

Like many of you, we are certainly facing this risk. So far, we’ve been somewhat lucky, and relatively fast to act, and we’ve managed to stay more or less in stock — and should be able to remain so for a few more months at least. We currently can’t build more product past ~May without another huge redesign effort, and needless to say very large increases in cost, and I fully expect similar challenges lie in our future.

This is all to say Saleae needs to increase prices. The impact of this decision is far from certain, but the hope is to greatly improve our chances of surviving and eventually thriving despite the challenges that lie ahead.

I welcome your questions and comments. You can reach me at

Thank you for your understanding & continued support.

Warm regards,

Co-founder & CEO, Saleae