New camera case + flight lesson

So today I tried out my new waterproof Sony camera case — it’s pretty cool! Too bad it was a super light morning on the water… although it was fairly hard to actually take pictures while windsurfing… I got a pretty cool little movie. I need a good way to mount that thing… unfortunately it really should be wide-angle and it’s not.

In other news I drove down to Palo Alto for my first flight lesson. It was pretty cool, all in all. I was disappointed that I wasn’t blown away however, it reminded me of my reaction to flying when I was 16ish… None the less I think it could be pretty cool and I want to learn i t anyway if for no other reason than to be able to say so, so I’m figuring a way to do it economically. Lot’s of Sim time, lots of course material time. Oh, and I forgot my camera
(actually I just didn’t have time to go get it, traffic was horrible…). That blows because I really wanted to get some pics… anyway, next time.