Logic Software 1.0.15 released into the wild

A couple pretty neat features this time around —

So as you may know, Logic supports sessions — which allow you to save and restore every last detail of your sessions — and even send them to colleges over email (they are compressed) — but as of 1.0.15 you can have a bunch of Logic windows open at once, so you can easily compare. By the way, in case you didn’t know, you can just drag your session files into the Logic software instead of choosing Options->Load Session. You can also double click the session files and they will open in a new window.

Second I’ve added an interesting feature where you can marquee-select a part of the window you want to take screenshot of. Thanks to Dirk in Australia for both of these suggestions.

Also, I need to thank the following heroes for suggesting things that have been or will be added:

— Jason in CA

— Mark in AZ

— Chip in IL

— Mike in PA

— Dirk in Australia

— John in MD

— Mark in Australia

— Richard in TX