Logic, Now Shipping.

Logic, Now Shipping.

That’s right folks, Logic is now available for sale, and I have to say that I think it’s pretty darn great. It’s miles ahead of anything out there aesthetically, its value for the money is second to none, its interface is clean and intuitive, and its beautiful anodized and laser etched aluminum enclosure places it definitively in a class of its own.

Check it out: http://www.saleae.com/logic/

Fresh new Website

The saleae.com website has been given its first overhaul and it’s looking pretty good. Still some areas that need work but we’ll get to that in time. Most importantly, Logic is now live on the site! In addition the entire site has been redone in css, and all the Illustrator designs organized for clean & easy update. Check it out: http://www.saleae.com

imote Refresh

I’m excited to announce imote has fantastic new packaging that it’ll ship with immediately. Also, several important fixes have been made to the software and firmware.

Next Steps

I’m pretty excited about what’s next for Saleae. Here’s some of the things that’ll be happening in the not-too-distant future: Amazon.com presence, distribution, slash-dot proofing the website, blog exposure, web marketing, print marketing, marketing materials & refinement, and product reviews. Woo!