Logic Imote Update

So… kind of a crappy weekend but things are looking up. My goal is to get Logic essentially working by my birthday in 3 weeks. We’ll see how that goes. So far I’m just trying to get the UI & features and basic architecture and such figured out. I’m going to sketch out the entire UI and likely get some help from an artist making it. It’ll be based on the latest UI elements in office 2007 and Expression Blend, and will blow away everything out there. Mean time I’ve figured out that the trigger can really be done PC-side, which simplifies the hardware requirements a ton. However now that the trigger can be of arbitrary complexity I need to kinda get a handle on how I want it to work. Form-factor PCBs are on the way, plus parts and stencils. Oh, I’m trying this new plexyglass tool where I make alignment/mounting holes in the stencil and corresponding holes in the plexyglass tool that align with physical holes in the PCB, with the idea being that I can run a post through all three and make it really easy to use the stencil without a frame. I’ve also got some imote assembly tools in plexy on the way… I’ve got the solid model more or less ready for quote and proto; I need to get that out asap so I’ll have something to assemble by my birthday.

Got my UPS label maker — just need some imote customers!! I started trying adwords on Monday, check it out — search for “itunes remote control” or something. Clicking my ad, of course, costs me $. Anyway I’ve been getting like 2 clicks a day, which basically means that it’ll be more or less useless. No buyers yet, not surprisingly. I have some more options to try however, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get this to 30 units/month, which is my first goal. I also shelled out the 750$ for UPC codes and made some progress on satisfactory imote packaging so it won’t be long before it’ll be on Amazon, which will be cool — although I’m not expecting much in terms of sales. Not exactly over the top news to report on the imote, but you haven’t seen the end of it yet.