It's official - the iMote works.

Yup, the iMote works. Woo Hoo! Next up are PC App, Enclosure, Consumer packaging & web store.


IC: Cypress CY7C63803-SXC, Flash 8K, 256b ram, low-speed usb, HID implementation
Firmware: Assembly language. Big time USB help via Cypress’s PSoC setup. Relatively straight forward thanks to writing debug out data on a couple of pins and using a logic analyzer to capture the action.
LEDs: 4 LEDs updated over usb at ~120Hz; 256 brightness levels.
IR: IR receiver module. I don’t have a line on the exact one I need, but it will be wide-band, i.e. able to decode remotes that modulate at between 34KHz and 58KHz which is essentially all of them.
PC Software SDK: The iMote has a clean and easy .NET SDK to get cal lbacks from the iMote, and to set the LED brightness.
PC Software (Consumer): This is what my brother Mark will be cranking out. Should be awesome so stay tuned.

Debug Setup:

Schematic. Dirt simple. That’s why I’m doing this project first.


SDK Debug Output

Some assembly language for you

And some C# for you