Inventory Woes

A quick word on my inventory woes. (and, indirectly the woes of all the heroes that want their Logic NOW, damn it). It all started with the wire bundles for Logic. I originally got them from E-Z Hook, for an amazingly high price (over 30$ each). So once it looked like Logic was going to pick up I ordered up a batch of cables to be made from my cable assembler (same exact quality, btw) – so that was all well and good until I got the bundles – which were flawless except that for some inexplicable reason they wouldn’t plug into the E-Z Hook XKM probes. Turns out these probes have a pin on them that’s kind of weird and blunt and otherwise non standard. So I have to order new parts, test them out myself, send the kit back to the assembler for rework, then all the way back to me, etc, and so that’s one reason why we’ve been backordered.

Another reason is that digi-key (both digi-key and mouser are both something like 4-5 day UPS ground days away from me, which sucks!) sends me this order early last week, and they accidentally replace the crystals with some weird capacitor. Ok, that’s cool right, I call them up and they send me out the replacement parts 2nd day air which were supposed to arrive this last Thursday – when I was going to ship out a BUNCH of Logic units – except they send them – randomly – to some really old address of mine where I don’t know the people there and its on the other side of the bay, etc – so there that went… So unless I want to drive over there a few times knocking on the door hoping someone is home there’s no fast way to recover them.

Then I order — from mouser a bunch of the same crystals and some other stuff via 2nd day air (overnight costs $50+) – and despite what is says on their site they don’t ship them until Friday! (meaning a Tuesday delivery) and I had JUST sent out emails apologizing for the delay and that they would be shipping out Monday, which now they wouldn’t be.

And we’re still not out of the woods because I’m now out of the original cable bundle order and it’ll be at least another week before I get another (this time pretty large) batch of those in. At least on Tuesday I’ll be able to ship all but one of my backorders.

I’m am SO looking forward to having these things in stock so I can ship them out to people the same or next day!! Luckily for me Logic customers (aka the heroes) are pretty cool people and seem to be taking it in stride.

Update: Thanks to my friend Theresa I was able to get a hold of the people at my old place and get the parts that were delivered there! Which means at least some Logics are going out Monday, hooray!