First Logic Pro 16s are shipping today!

Logic Pro 16 PCBs


Logic Pro 16– Shipping Started!

The very first Logic Pro 16s are shipping today, hooray!  Over the weekend and Monday my brother Mark heroically resolved the last blocking issue.  Pro 16 takes longer to program/calibrate than the other units so I don’t yet have an estimate as to when the very last pre-ordered unit will ship, but mid-next-week seems likely.

Logic Pro 8 – Update

All Pro 8 units are built/calibrated and most pre-ordered units have shipped, remaining units are shipping today and tomorrow.

Logic 8 – Update

All Logic 8s have been tested/assembled; most have shipped and the remaing pre-orders are shipping today/tomorrow.  I’m afraid there were some delays on many international orders due to some issues switching over to FedEx – I apologize for the delay on these international orders!

Joe Garrison

Joe Garrison

Co-Founder, Saleae
San Francisco, CA