First ad for Logic has been sent; Google Adwords Rocks!; Distribution waiting on inventory

Logic Ad in Circuit Cellar

I’m happy to announce that our first ad has been submitted for publication in the August issue of Circuit Cellar. (sample issue zipped PDF here [[Link?]].) This is a tiny 2″ x 3″ 1/9 page full color ad. ~$450. I went back and forth on how to best use our initial 6 square inches of ad space and decided on a pretty conservative route. We’ll get more creative a little later on, and when we have more real estate to work with.

Logic on Google

Try searching for “logic analyzer” on Google and our ad should come up on the first page, along with the little Google Checkout badge. This avenue is still to be proven effective financially, but for now I’m quite happy to fund the experiment and plus it makes us much, much easier to find which should come in handy as we get more press.

Logic Distribution Update

I’m having Logic’s wire bundle made at a cable assembler in New York now and after some issues with the wire sourcing (this stuff isn’t very common) we’ve got it figured out and I should have the first batch in 1-2 weeks. That is the only thing holding back shipping to our new distribution partner whom I will announce with much fanfare as soon as that launches.

If you haven’t yet, check out our first video [[Link to video]]!