Exception reporting proves its worth

There’s a little feature in Logic (and all Saleae software) where if the software crashes, under most circumstances it’ll pop up a dialog box that allows you to send us the exception report. This is basically a little stack trace showing where the exception happened in the application. There’s a simple web service on the saleae.com website that makes this possible.

So anyway over the last 2 days I got this exception report coming in about how the “save screenshot” menu item was throwing an exception. Today I had time to look at it, found the blatant problem, and pushed out an update. It’s not a perfect system because right now I’m not properly branching my SVN repository but it works well enough for now — I just have to remove unfinished features from the release and check over the behavior fairly carefully to make sure nothing half-working is included.

Anyway hopefully with this system I can catch issues that are annoying users right away and get fixes in place pretty quickly.

Also I should mention that a companion feature exists in Saleae software which non-invasively informs users when new versions are available. It’s a pretty simple feature, and doesn’t yet tell you what’s included in the new release which would be nice, but it’s great how seamless it is to get updates out there.