Armadillo Aerospace: Carmack et al.

Things are really coming along over at Armadillo Aerospace! Every week or so I check in to see if there’s an update (they’re fairly far apart these days) and this one as usual did not disappoint. Armadillo Aerospace [[Link to Armadillo]] got started in response to the X-prize (which was won in 2004 by Scaled Composites) basically to build a commercial rocket capable of putting people in low earth orbit. Their latest design is looking pretty good! I like it because it looks so very efficient, stripped to the essentials, and the essentials have been honed over years. This would be one module in a “cluster” of identical modules combined to increase performance based on payload, altitude, etc.

Grab their latest video:

[[IMAGE or Video?–not available]]
Caption: ModuleFly1

The update: