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For a holiday celebration, the Saleae team descended to Disneyland to ride some rides and experience the winter wonderland first hand.  We started the day by riding It’s a Small World, the musical boat ride that’s a staple of the Disney experience.  This would be the tamest of the rides for the day.

Next we went on a series of roller coasters like Space Mountain and California Screamin’.  Personally, this was my first experience, and I have to admit I was a little anxious

Next, we hit up Splash Mountain, which was an interesting experience.  Note to anyone going to Disneyland: opt for the back seats, unless you want drenched pants for the rest of your day.  Not much more to say on that.

As nighttime came around, we topped of the rides with a trip to the Tower of Terror.  Here we can see (from left to right) Joe, entertained but unimpressed, Allison not entertained or impressed, Nate pretending to enjoy the experience, Mark experimenting with free-fall and Jonathan looking on in awe.

After a nice dinner and some games, we were able to catch the color show and headed back to the Bay.  Happy (Belated) Holidays to everyone!