1-Wire Goodness, Now Shipping

Hurray, finally I had enough time to hammer out 1-Wire. It’s not as buttoned up as it could be, but it’s still much much better than trying to decode it by hand. I didn’t know anything about 1-Wire a few days ago, and I have to say it’s kind of cool!

Here’s what else is coming down the wire, besides putting out the fires.

  1. New Google adwords image ad, Logic stickers, and Logic FAQ
  2. Top secret project, part 1
  3. Linux & Mac drivers working + SDK
  4. Good support for VMWare + Parallels
  5. Top secret project, part 2
  6. Website overhaul
  7. Get Logic accessories on the site (clips, wires, cases, etc)
  8. New video
  9. Distribution & Accounting overhaul
  10. CAN support
  11. More Logic software features

Back to it!