Boatyard work

So my boat (280lbs, plastic) is leaned up against the side of the house. Pretty steap, but stable. Took a scrub brush to it and it was instantly clear the various sea fungus’s (about a-2mm thick I’d say) weren’t going to just pop off, despite their extended drying period. There’s a couple of parallel slabs of concrete that run along the side of the house, about about 4 car lengths in all , and the boats near the back. There’s a little drain there, but most of the area between the two slabs is dirt, so to avoid a muddy mess I dug around the back yard and got an old door — putting it between the two slabs of concrete next to the boat made a nice surface that wouldn’t get muddy. Then I sprayed the boat down and started scrubbing. Not bad! hardly done though. It cleaned okay, it looks much cleaner. Still plenty to go so my intention is to spray & scrub it down every hour or so. We’ll see how that works. I imagine that will get rid of most of the gunk, but I might want to get it cleaner than that before painting so we’ll see…

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