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It’s Almost Time…

Posted by Joe Garrison


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Saleae Q&A #5

Posted by NateLozier

Joe and Mark discuss new products.

Product Launch and Updates
New Features
Linux Users Update
Referral Program
Support Site
Boat Updates
Upcoming Weeks

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Disneyland and Open House!

Posted by NateLozier

In December we had the first open house in our new office which was a great success. We also took our second consecutive holiday trip to Disneyland.

Winnie the Pooh!

Winnie the Pooh!

Aparna loves roller coasters.

Aparna loves roller coasters.

Mark Experiments on the Tower of Terror.

Mark Experiments on the Tower of Terror.

California Screamin

California Screamin;

Glow With The Show Ears, made possible in part by Logic!

Glow With The Show Ears

World of Color

World of Color

Who Am I Game

Who Am I Game

Saleae Open House. The Main Room.

Saleae Open House

Room Number 2!

Room Number 2!

Joe zoning in with Google Glass.

Joe zoning in with Google Glass.

Joe shows off something Saleae...

Joe shows off something Saleae :)

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Saleae Q&A #4

Posted by NateLozier

Joe and Mark discuss team updates and some support questions. If you have a question, ask in the comments.

Supported Protocols
Open House
LightBlue Cortado
Support Site
Feature Requests
Serial Data Logs
More Than 16 Channels
Edge Triggering On Multiple Events/Channel
VHDL for New Products
New Test Equipment
Sign Off

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Saleae Q&A Call for Questions!

Posted by NateLozier

We'll be doing our 4th Q&A on Wednesday. Ask your questions here and we'll answer them in the video!

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Saleae Q&A #3

Posted by NateLozier

Joe and Mark discuss team updates, new office, software release date and more. As always, if you have other questions, ask them here!

Office/Team Updates
New Software Release Date
Data Playback
Roadmap for New Features
Real-Time Display
MOD Bus Analyzer
Software Development
New Board Layouts

And it's released! The beta can be found at Logic 1.1.18 Beta (One day late)

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Saleae Q&A #2 Video

Posted by NateLozier

Here is Q&A #2 with Mark and Joe!  The plan is to do these every three weeks. If you have questions or suggestions, ask them here.


To skip to a question, click the links below:

Agile Software Development
Assembly Updates
Common Email Support Questions
Ways to Export Data (general vs. protocol)
Counting Transitions
Minimal Viable Product (Agile)
Long Capture Stalls
USB 3.0
Analog Devices / Hybrid Devices
Create Analyzers Interactively / MIDI Analyzer
Electric Boat

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Saleae Q&A #2

Posted by NateLozier

Hello! We got a good response from the first Q&A session so we'll be doing a second one next week. Feel free to ask any questions here or on Twitter or Facebook. We should mention this isn't limited to questions about Logic or software feature suggestions. Ask us anything!

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Saleae Q&A

Posted by NateLozier

Check out our Q&A with Mark and Joe!  We'll be doing another in a few weeks, so if you have questions, ask them here!


Click to skip to the question you'd like to hear answered:

Different Ways to Connect to Differential Serial Bus
RS232 Connection
Search Capabilities
JTAG support
Triggering Options
Streaming Results out of the Software
New Products

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Double Team

Posted by NateLozier

It’s been a while since we’ve updated here, so I’m checking in on behalf of Joe and all of us at Saleae.  To start, I should mention that “all of us” more than doubled this summer.  After attending career fairs at schools around the Bay Area, we collected hundreds of resumes and interviewed dozens of candidates to join the team.  We originally only intended on hiring graduating seniors, but after meeting so many great undergraduate students, we ended up hiring two summer interns as well.  They came on in May and hit the ground running on the Logic software.  Allen has since left to start again at UC Berkeley and Charles left us on Friday to finish his last semester at UC Davis.  He’ll be rejoining the team upon graduation.

This summer has been devoted to product development.  Joe and Jonathan continue to focus on hardware development and board layouts.  Meanwhile, our software team has tripled.  In addition to the summer interns, we’ve brought on two full-time team members.  Chris, another UC Davis alumni, has primarily focused on web development.  Aparna, who just finished her masters at UT Dallas, has focused on adding features to the Logic software.

We also brought on Spencer, a high-school sophomore who we met at Maker Faire.  He's been working a few days a week on the enclosure for one of our new products.  He's since left to start school.

Jimmy also joined part-time to do assembly.  He's been working away in the back room and is great to have around.

Having a bigger team has definitely impacted the office atmosphere in a positive way.  We continue to grow as a team that gets along and works well together.  Overall, we couldn't really ask for more.

In addition, we'll be doing a Q and A with Joe and Mark tomorrow.  If you have any questions about Saleae, Logic/Logic16, or the best bars in San Francisco, feel free to post them below.

Aparna, software engineer extraordinaire.



Jonathan, Allison, Allen and Charles at Ghirardelli Square last month.



Jimmy working away assembling Logic and Logic16.



Our (relatively) daily dose of team-building.

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